about us

We are engaged in the design and manufacture of quality products using high-tech ultra-strong concrete as the main material. Work in close cooperation with architects and designers in the realization of public objects and private construction.

The CONC company was founded in 2015 by two like-minded architects and industrial designers. We have many years of experience in architectural design as part of one of the best architectural bureaus of Ukraine and a long-term practice of applied work with various materials.


our mission

In our work we strive to reveal the full potential of using high-strength modern concrete in architecture and design, making maximum use of the material's merits in the right directions. We integrate world scientific achievements in the field of concretes and various materials with modern high-class design and excellent quality of products.

We help to realize the new architecture of modern fast-growing cities. The company's activity contributes to the qualitative development of the human's living environment, creating long-term development prospects.

We believe that the capabilities of high-strength concrete are an excellent tool in the hands of the architect and designer, to implement projects of any scale and complexity.

We see our mission in the implementation of modern architectural ideas, projects in the field of industrial design and improvement of the urban environment.

Modern technologies of high-quality concrete have turned concrete production into high-precision material casting. We use high-plastic self-compacting concrete that allows us to receive first-class products with a long service life, counted in tens and hundreds of years.

The production of CONC complies with modern ecological principles of sustainable development, it does not have a negative impact on the environment.