conc concrete

What are UHPC CONC and HPC CONC concretes?

UHPC (ultra-high performance concrete) and HPC (high-pressure concrete) were developed in Europe in the 80s to meet the highest requirements for concrete in architecture, construction and design. The main qualities of the material are high strength, low water absorption, corrosion resistance.

The main advantage of concrete HPC and UHPC over conventional concrete is the high-density structure of the material. This is achieved through the selection of component materials, the use of special additives and a special technology for the preparation of the mixture. Absorption of moisture structure of the material is minimal, which gives high frost resistance and consequently increases the service life of the products.

This material consists of natural mineral fillers. We adapted the concrete formulations to Ukrainian components of local origin to avoid excessive transportation costs and, as a result, optimize the cost of the products. The components of the mixture and their dosages are carefully selected for each product, depending on the desired result.



We are convinced that design is the most important component of not only the successful application of the product, but also the optimization of production. We strive to harmoniously combine the design of the product and the technology of its production and pay special attention to the development of products. For each product or project, we pre-fabricate test computer and physical models.

The design development in CONC is a holistic process, which includes detailed elaboration of all aspects of the product life cycle.


The production process is strictly regulated. We scrupulously observe the technological processes, with high precision we dose each component of the mixture. The production process is monitored at each stage. CONC cooperates with the materials testing laboratories for testing samples of concrete mixtures, to control and improving their strength, density, frost resistance and other critical qualities of concrete.

types of processing and textures

We have worked out various types of surface treatment products. For different purposes, the appropriate type is selected. We use etching, grinding and polishing the surface, various methods of opening the aggregate to improve the operational and aesthetic characteristics of our products.

protection against moisture and stains

Facade coatings used by us in the processing of panels have a water repellent effect. The principle of their work is based on the application of nano-technologies. Such coatings allow the material to "breathe", do not close the pores and do not change the color of the material.

For the use of products in the most aggressive environments, such as working surfaces of kitchen countertops, we have developed technologies for the application of protective coatings, which 100% protect the concrete from the appearance of stains of any origin.


Concrete is easy to color in the mass by adding iron oxide pigments. Colors are stable for many years. Basic colors. Color variations for the project are available upon request.


The most important component of the production of concrete products is reinforcement. We apply the entire available range of reinforcing materials, various types of fiber, as well as steel reinforcement. forms CONC uses various types of molds from polymers, polyurethanes, wood, and many other materials to minimize the cost and increase the number of cycles of use of each product or product.


CONC uses various types of molds from polymers, polyurethanes, wood, and many other materials to minimize the cost and increase the number of cycles of use of each product or product.



A huge part of our activity is occupied by research, testing and testing of production technologies. We are constantly working on improving the concrete formulations for their appropriate application in each specific case.


Our type of production is environmentally sustainable and not harmful to the environment. We use environmentally friendly materials.