large size slim panels
  • material: CONC high-strength fiber concrete;
  • processing: etching/ grinding, waterproof coating;
  • thickness: 13 mm;
  • standard formats: 1200х600, 1600х900, 3600х1200, manufacturing of the non-standard sizes;
  • installation: hidden/ visible on the subsystem, on the adhesive;

Large format panels allow to achieve clean and expressive surfaces of the facade.

CONC large-format panels are the result of several years of research and attempts in the field of application of modern high-tech concrete in architecture.

Due to the correct selection of the granulometric composition and the use of special reinforcement, it became possible to significantly reduce the weight of panels per unit area and increase their size. The concrete we use has a densified structure at the molecular level, due to which it has low porosity and high strength in comparison with conventional concrete.

Each such panel is made by hand and has a picturesque and unique surface pattern. This gives our concrete advantages over synthetic facing materials and allows to be perfectly combined with materials such as wood, brick, stone, glass and copper.

Сomponents of the сoncrete are natural mineral environmentally friendly materials that give the facade a unique natural look.

Large formats, light weight, options for texture and color panels, the possibility of using one material in the interior and exterior reveal a wide range of possibilities in architecture and design.



Concrete is easy to color in the mass by adding iron oxide pigments. Colors are stable for many years. Basic colors. Color variations for the project are available upon request.



types of processing and textures

We have worked out various types of surface treatment products. For different purposes, the appropriate type is selected. We use etching, grinding and polishing the surface, various methods of opening the aggregate to improve the operational and aesthetic characteristics of our products.