cafe tres
  • year: 2015;
  • location: Montreux, Switzerland;
  • project: Drozdov and partners;
  • material: CONC high-strength reinforced fiber concrete;
  • processing: etching, waterproof coating;
  • photo: Nicola Glammarrusti;

The cafe is located in Montreux, Switzerland. According to the architect's intention, the interior is built on a combination of natural materials, one of which is concrete. Before us was the task to produce some elements of the interior, such as: a concrete wall of perforated panels of format 3050x800 at a thickness of 35mm; countertop, side bar bars and open kitchen; the bases for tables of steel and concrete; signboard menu at the entrance.

The main role in the project was played by a concrete wall, which due to the perforation acquires a different filling depending on the needs. High characteristics of concrete made it possible to use it for different purposes and allowed to reduce the amount of applied materials to a minimum.